Graphic Novels – January 2015

Graphic novels (GNs) are a unique genre of books which are completely in comic strip format. The narrative of the story is conveyed to the reader using sequential art in either an experimental design or in a traditional comics format. These can be especially awesome for readers who need or enjoy a visual context for the narrative, and they can allow for creative expression in the context of the narrative. Many GNs have a similar complexity of regular text-based novels, and can be fiction, non-fiction, history, fantasy, or anything in between. They’re so engaging, and I think that they are underrated sometimes. Even though they don’t require the same time commitment that non-graphic novels do, complex lessons and themes are still to be had in these beauties.

Here are some of the books I displayed:

I just finished reading these two books by Gene Luen Yang, who is an excellent graphic novelist. What I find particularly intriguing is how one of his recurring themes is how Christianity and Eastern religions come together. Another novel by him, American Born Chinese, is a coming-of-age tale about being comfortable with your culture and the skin you’re in.

And I had to include one of my favorite books of all time, The Arrival by Shaun Tan:

It’s about a man who immigrates to a foreign place to find a job so he can help his family escape the dangerous country they live in. Not very different from many immigrant stories of today. Other titles I included are:

A Wrinkle in Time; Twilight; Hansel and Gretel; Red Riding Hood; Secret of the Stone Frog; Into the Volcano; Full Metal Alchemist; Bleach; Death Note; Naruto; A Journey into the Human Body; Robot Dreams; Athena; Jane Eyre; One Dead Spy; Pride of Baghdad; Prince of Tennis; Calamity Jack; Wuthering Heights; Super Diaper Baby; Owly; Pedro and Me; This One Summer; Wonderstruck; Coyote and Turtle’s dream; Beowulf; Manga Guide to Statistics; Rapunzel’s Revenge; Persepolis; Stitches; Smile; Town Boy; Bone; Manga Claus; As You Like It; Midsummer Night’s Dream; Sound Off!; Fairy Tale Comics; Darth Vader and Son; Babymouse; Blockhedz 1; Tiny Titans: Field Trippin’; Silver Six; Carboard; Crogan’s March; 500 Manga Heroes and Villains; Foiled; Sita’s Ramayana; Fruits Basket; Lunch lady and League of Librarians; Secret Science Alliance; Hereville; Re-Gifters; Cleopatra; 9/11 Report; Brave Story; Sundiata; Belly Flop!; Castle Waiting; Garage Band; Swallow Me Whole; Hunchback; Bluebird; This One Summer

This list was not exhaustive! These were the first ones to make it onto my first printed page of call numbers, but they’re all fabulous. This area of the library has about 200 graphic novels, so it was difficult to choose! The rest of the library houses even more. I’m definitely checking out one of these today before I leave campus!


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