Online Role Play Debriefing

For the past two weeks, my CURRINS 547 class has participated in an online role play debate about whether or not cursive should be taught in schools. We each had to make up a fictional personal profile based on a role we chose in class. At first I chose to be a parent, but then I was elected (pun intended) to be one of three make-believe senators in the group.Here’s my personal profile on Schoology:

Renata Stills

During our online role play, I enjoyed being someone new (it was all the fun of the acting class I took last fall, but online and for two weeks on one subject). One of the ways I developed my character was try to be diplomatic with my words and to maintain a relatively professional tone. If I were to go back, I would try to detach my own personality a little more by adding more fictional personal elements to the role play. It was interesting because I felt that I had been zoomed up to a place of power as a senator, so I felt more empowered than I might have felt if I had been in the conversation as myself. Inversely, I felt insecure about what I was saying because I didn’t really know how to conduct myself regarding political matters. Having a social media platform, though, allowed me to say confident things without letting my body language show how I felt about it.

There weren’t really any differences between my opinion and my character’s opinion about cursive writing, which I downplayed so that I could play up the diplomatic side of my character. These views wavered a bit, but did not ultimately change.

Advice: have a lot of fun! Stay true to the topic, but remember that this is a great opportunity to let go and embrace your inner actor/actress.



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