First Infographic: Citation Styles

I have made my first infographic! I’ve always wanted to do this, and now I’m happy to know how. I created this Citation Styles infographic on, and it was very easy to do. This is a very simplified version about citation styles (I just threw it together because I was so excited to make this graphic), but I could definitely see entire infographics devoted to each citation style. I like this infographic because I think it’s an easy and colorful way to visualize something I hear a lot of questions about.

There were lots of styles and fonts to choose from, and originally I had three different patterns for the backgrounds. They were all neat, but actually just created an eyesore. I changed the title tile to be the most colorful and then I made the following two tiles similar (though not completely matching). This would hopefully portray the idea that MLA and APA perform similar functions for different purposes. I knew that I wanted to do these two citation styles, but I didn’t know what I would be able to fit on this infographic (there’s really a TON more I could write in there). Instead of also listing the way to create an entry on a works cited page, I decided on the general purpose for each style, what the in-text citation looks like, and what the sources page is titled. I think that this will suffice for this assignment. Someday, perhaps, I will make a more thorough one (or maybe not–the rules are subject to change). Finally, I picked a relevant picture of a pencil and included it in the MLA and APA tiles.

Other than that, the process was quite simple! Here is my finished product:

Citation Styles infographic



3 responses to “First Infographic: Citation Styles

  1. Great composition, Sarah! It is definitely visually appealing and very straightforward. I could see this hanging up in the wall of an English classroom! Are you going to do an infographic for the digital composition project coming up? Seeing this makes me kind of want to do an infographic, but my topic wouldn’t exactly fit well with one. Looks fun though!

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    • Hey Laura!
      Thanks for commenting! And I think that now that I’ve experimented with the infographic on this project, I’ll try something else for my final project. There are so many other options! I can develop my skill with the infographic later. 🙂 What type of project are you planning to do for the final?


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