FLOWER WATCH – April 2015

I got tired of waiting for Spring, so I brought it to the library! Above are the pictures of my board (with hand-made flowers), and below are some of the books I used (some of them have shortened titles):

The Lilac Fairy Book (Lang); Under the Cherry Blossom Tree (Say); Golden Flower (Sanchez); The Number Garden (Pinto); Planting the Wild Garden (Galbraith); The Red Poppy (Lucht); Your first garden (Brown); Sunflower Houses (Lovejoy);  Flowers for everyone (Patent); First Garden (Gourley);  How to draw flowers (Kinnealy); The Secret Garden; Marigold Garden (Greenway); I heard it from Alice Zucchini…; Flower Fables (Alcott); Flowers from Shakespeare’s garden (Crane); Shakespeare’s flowers (Dowden); Georgia O’Keefe (Turner); Thumbelina; Sunflower Sal (Anderson); Miranda’s Secret Garden (Atnip); Garden of Happiness (Tamar); Xochitl and the flowers (Argueta); Flower Garden (Bunting); Wild, wild Sunflower child Anna (Carlstrom); Great Flower Pie (DiNito); Planting a rainbow (Ehlert); Owl in the Garden (Freschet); My Garden (Hakes);  So happy (Lobel); Flowers for Algernon; The Rose in My Garden; Dahlia (McClintock); Griffn in the Garden (Marston); The garden (Matas); Goodbye Cancer Garden (Matthies/Valiant); Hope for the flowers (Paulus); How my Garden grew (Rockwell); George’s Garden; Black-Eyed Suzie (Shaw); Nelly’s Garden; The Forgiveness Garden; Garden of Dreams (Wainwright); Garden Alphabet (Wolff); Happiness Flower (Wuorio)

I made some of the flowers using tutorials on Pinterest (the poppy, for example, was with the great help of a page from The House that Lars Built), but the rest I drew and cut/constructed on my own (i.e. Lily of the Valley, Carnation, Lilacs, Marigold, Thistle, etc.). The biggest drive for me to create this board was that I really wanted to try to make my own garden of flowers. Some of the flowers took some extra forethought and planning, so for a while I felt like I might be fussing unnecessarily over something that’ll be gone in a couple months (this feeling happens a lot, actually). This board was worth the effort, though! Some books have already been checked out of the library, and I’ve already begun to dig back into my list of extra books to pull out for the display. Enjoy, and may spring bring us all some real flowers soon!



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