How Do You Feel Today?

Who else saw the movie Inside Out and absolutely loved it? After I finally watched this movie in theaters, I used the movie to inspire my new curriculum board for the Fall 2015 semester! I felt that it was fitting, as people experience a variety of emotions when schools starts: joy at seeing friends again and having something to do, disgust with the amount of homework suddenly required, fear of the teacher who promises to grade harshly, anger at the high price of tuition, sadness that the social life we enjoyed over the summer is about to be snuffed out, etc. This board therefore plays on the wealth of emotions the student population may be feeling right now and also displays some books that have to do with emotions and how we deal with them.

Above each of the characters are about 4-5 emoticons which were printed off the internet to add another layer of modern life to the board. Below each character (which you may or may not see depending on if there are books in the way or not) are items which might induce each emotion. For example, Beneath Anger are some pictures of golf, a bee, and a representational image of politics.

You may also note that the question mark is hiding behind the border a little bit–I forgot to accommodate for that when I set up the board. My first steps were to set up the background stripes and the black bar for the title. I spaced the colors evenly apart and was happy with the result. Once I put the word on, however, I found that my question mark threw off the position of most of the words so that they did not fit into the column of their corresponding colors. The perfectionist streak in me was not having that, so the poor little question mark has been squished under the border so that all of the words can stay in their correct places.

Anyway, below is the list of books that I have used to create this display. They are not necessarily listed in order but they are recorded by section and in this fashion: Title (Call Number) Author


Baby Happy, Baby Sad (Board P3141ba) Patricelli

When Sophie Gets Angry—Really, Really Angry (B216w) Bang

Llama Llama Mad at Mama (D5159m) Dewdney

Glad Monster, Sad Monster (E5257gl 2008) Emberly/Miranda

The Happy Lion’s Quest (F253hq) Fatio

Yesterday I Had the Blues (F813y 2008) Frame

My Many Colored Days (G313my) Seuss

The Day Leo Said, “I Hate You!” (H315d) Harris

Sourpuss and Sweetie Pie (J96s) Juster

Michael Rosen’s Sad Book (R8129s) Rosen

How Are You Peeling? (F894h) Freymann/Elffers

The Giggle and Cry Book (S757g) Spinelli

Grump, Groan, Growl (H785g 2008) Hooks

Applesauce (V551a 2012) Tulloch

My Friend is Sad (W699m) Willems

The Pigeon has Feelings Too! (W699ph) Willems

Are You Sad, Mama? (W791a) Winthrop

Feeling Blue (W8554f) Wolff

Catcher (W8552c) Wollf

Happy Bees (Y613ha) Yorinks

Scaredy Squirrel (W344s 2006) Watts

No Fits, Nilson (O38n 2013) O’Hora


Julia Gillian (and the Quest for Joy) (M478jq) McGhee

Leave Me Alone, Ma (S6748l) Snyder

The Fear Place (N333fe) Reynolds Naylor

Is That You, Miss Blue? (K414i) Kerr

TTYL (M998t) Myracle

Smile (271s) Telgemeier


Double-Dip Feelings: Stories to Help Children Understand Emotions (152.4 C135d) Cain

Emotions: from Birth to Old Age (152.4 S756e 2013) Spilsbury

What Makes Me Feel This Way? (152.4 L629w) Le Shan

Feelings (152.4 B817f) Aliki

Feelings Alphabet (152.4 L198f) Lalli

Good and Bad Feelings (152.4 S819g)

I’m Mad (152.4 C893m) Crary

Feeling Mad, Feeling Sad, Feeling Bad, Feeling Glad (152.44 M146f)

I Have Feelings (152.4 B496i) Berger

Scared (155.4 L5812sc) Leonard

Animal Grosspedia (590 S8493a 2012) Stewart

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me (811.54 A523c) Angelou

I Never Said I Wasn’t Difficult (811.54 H724i) Holbrook

By Definition: Poems of Feelings (811.54 H724b) Holbrook

Sad Underwear and Other Complications (811.54 V798s) Viorst

I hope that this list of books has left you with more joy than anything else! 🙂



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