Mystery in the Library

Mystery Board (2) Watermark

Here’s my most recent board! I was really inspired by a local restaurant around here that is spy-themed, so I went ahead and made a board based on it. This is most certainly not one of the best boards I’ve ever done because I think that I was trying to do too many things while building it. I was going to do secret codes and assignments and fun spy-related things, but I barely got all of this done. Plus, even though I really wanted a board all about spies, there aren’t enough books in my part of the library that involve spies to make a full display with backup books. I therefore had to switch over to “Mystery in the Library.” Those pink strips? They’re supposed to be lasers. In my mind’s eye, I saw real lasers while I was envisioning this board–so the paper strips hanging out in the middle ground are a bit disappointing to me.But now I think that they just look like they’re in the way. I printed some fake fingerprints in the evidence bag on the right of the board, and I was rather excited about that! The rest, though, flopped a bit. I will try again next time.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, at the variety of mystery books hanging out in our library. Below is a book list of some of the books that I used for this job. They range from fictional mystery novels to detective picture books to real-life problem solving for the CIA. They are formatted in this manner:
Call number – Title / author.


363.25 J892b – Bullet proof! : the evidence that guns leave behind / by Jaime Joyce.

921 E2413m 2011 – Nurse, soldier, spy : the story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War hero / [text by] Marissa Moss ; [illustrated by] John Hendrix.

363.25 O97p – Police lab : how forensic science tracks down and convicts criminals / David Owen.

460 G245m 2011 – Maximilian & the mystery of the Guardian Angel : a bilingual lucha libre thriller / written and illustrated by Xavier Garza.

508 R848n – Nature spy / written by Shelley Rotner and Ken Kreisler ; photographs by Shelley Rotner.

597.8 M346c 2012 – The case of the vanishing golden frogs : a scientific mystery / Sandra Markle.

973.3 A425g – George Washington, spymaster : how the Americans outspied the British and won the Revolutionary War / Thomas B. Allen ; featuring illustrations by Cheryl Harness.


A2375cd – Cam Jansen and the mystery of the stolen diamonds / David A. Adler ; illustrated by Susanna Natti.

A4383c 2014 –          The case of the simple soul / by John Allison ; edited by James Lucas Jones & Ari Yarwood ; colour assists by Adam Cadwell.

A5472c – Chains : seeds of America / Laurie Halse Anderson.

A957mm – Murder at midnight / Avi.

B192w – The Wright 3 / by Blue Balliett ; illustrated by Brett Helquist.

B8795ame – Arthur’s mystery envelope.

B512d – The dark days of Hamburger Halpin / Josh Berk.

C3227i 2007 – I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you / Ally Carter.

C5553ss – Sebastian (Super Sleuth) and the copycat crime / Mary Blount Christian ; illustrated by Lisa McCue.

C926s – Strange objects / Gary Crew.

D6213sa  – The secret agent on flight 101 / by Franklin W. Dixon.

F555h – Harriet, the spy. / Written and illustrated by Louise Fitzhugh.

G472d – Dead girls don’t write letters / Gail Giles.

G5585w – Who killed Mr. Chippendale? : a mystery in poems / Mel Glenn.

G9844h – The Homework Machine

H1625o 2012  – One dead spy : the life, times, and last words of Nathan Hale, America’s most famous spy / [text and illustrations by Nathan Hale].

K269t – Terror at the zoo / Peg Kehret.

L2963m 2008 – The mystery of the Martello tower / Jennifer Lanthier.

L3342w 2012 – A wrinkle in time : the graphic novel / [Madeleine L’Engle] ; adapted and illustrated by Hope Larson.

M1462g – The golden goblet.

M4785mb – Max and Maddy and the bursting balloons mystery / Alexander McCall Smith ; illustrated by Macky Pamintuan.

M7542s – The spy who came north from the Pole : Mr. Pin vol. III / by Mary Elise Monsell ; illustrated by Eileen Christelow.

M9963s – Spy! / Anna Myers.

N554c – The case of the Baker Street Irregular : a Sherlock Holmes story / by Robert Newman.

O81s – Spider Kane and the mystery under the May-apple / by Mary Pope Osborne ; illustrated by Victoria Chess.

P3617hb 2013 – Hilda and the Bird Parade / by Luke Pearson.

P498d – The Demon of River Heights / by Stefan Petrucha.

P943s 2012 – Shadow on the mountain / Margi Preus.

R225we 2003 – The Westing game / Ellen Raskin.

R8887or – The orange outlaw / by Ron Roy ; illustrated by John Steven Gurney.

S317s – The spy in the attic / by Ursel Scheffler ; illustrated by Christa Unzner ; translated by Marianne Martens.

S5312ng – Nate the Great goes down in the dumps / by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat ; illustrated by Marc Simont.

S672wh 2012 – Who could that be at this hour? / Lemony Snicket ; art by Seth.

S677en – Encyclopedia Brown shows the way; ten all-new mysteries / by Donald J. Sobol. Illustrated by Leonard Shortall.

S724w – A whole nother story / Cuthbert Soup ; illustrations by Jeffrey Stewart Timmins.

S7693c – The case of the missing marquess : an Enola Holmes mystery / Nancy Springer.

S7991l 2012 – Liar & spy / Rebecca Stead.

S8491e 2012 – The extraordinary education of Nicholas Benedict / by Trenton Lee Stewart ; illustrated by Diana Sudyka.

S9165r – Riddle of the wayward books / by Brad Strickland and Thomas E. Fuller

T623me – Basil in Mexico : a Basil of Baker Street mystery / by Eve Titus ; illustrated by Paul Galdone.

T9423tt 2012 – Three times lucky / by Sheila Turnage.

W4228c 2012  – Code name Verity / Elizabeth Wein.

W498be – The best place to live is the ceiling / a novel by Barbara Wersba.

W7478h – Harry, the fat bear spy. / Written and illustrated by Gahan Wilson.

Y47ca – The case of the Goblin Pearls / Laurence Yep.


A285e – Each peach pear plum : an “I spy” story / Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

L4848m 2008 – Missing math : a number mystery / written and illustrated by Loreen Leedy.

M417ch – Chameleon was a spy / story and pictures by Diane Redfield Massie.

C986m – The mystery of King Karfu / story and pictures by Doug Cushman.

S672co – The composer is dead / by Lemony Snicket ; illustrated by Carson Ellis ; music by Nathaniel Stookey.

T912g – The great Corgiville kidnapping / by Tasha Tudor.

W555d – Detective Donut and the wild goose chase / Bruce Whatley ; Rosie Smith.

Y54p – Piggins / by Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Jane Dyer.


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